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        Emu Oil Is This Physician's Choice

Hundreds of patients have visited Dr. Dan Dean of
Dan C. Dean D. O. & Associates in Mr. Pleasant, Michigan to
get relief from their ailments thanks in part to treatments with emu oil.

by Beth Silva

A commodity acknowledged for centuries for its medicinal purposes, emu oil is just beginning to be touted and recognized by some in the medical field in this country. Typical of the medical practitioner, Dean was at first somewhat skeptical about the reputed medicinal and cosmetic benefits of emu oil. The doctor remarks that his initial research in earnest on the oil happened on a trip to Australia several years ago. But the physician, also an avid Thoroughbred enthusiast, was won over only after emu oil was used to save one of his top racers, The Rebalizer.  Continued...

Emu Oil Use in Veterinary Medicine

Anecdotal evidence given by a veterinarian treating small & large animals

by Matthew Zimmer DVM, 2520 West U.S. Hwy 20, Angola, IN 46703

I started applying the benefits of emu oil to veterinary medicine approximately one year ago. An emu breeder informed me of the human application, i.e. moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and transport carrier for medicine. Considering these human applications it seemed reasonable to apply those benefits to the animal population.

Originally I considered the human application for anti-inflammatory properties and transport media and felt there would be applications to management of horse wounds, especially lower leg wounds. Although antedoctal, I found accelerated wound healing when used in combination with other drugs. I found accelerated wound healing and decreased tendency toward production of proud flesh. Depending on the type of wound, I often combine emu oil with DMSO or dexamethasone, or gentamicin for use in the management of wounds.  Continued...

A New, Natural Treatment for Eczema

by Myra Charleston

"First of all, if your hands look like you have some sort of disease, the ladies aren't going to want you to touch them," Ramón stated emphatically. "That's why it was important to get this under control and healed quickly."

Ramón is the owner and most popular stylist in his South Texas salon. The salon specializes in personal treatment, and consultations are by appointment only. The salon itself is a sweep of southwestern colors and plants; the effect is like having your hair done in a giant atrium. Want a manicure? Massage? Wine? Coffee? Anything you want, Ramón's people will get it for you.  Continued...


                      Vogue Magazine

                                                      September 1996 issue

 “The emu craze is spreading beyond  cosmetics”

"...emu oil is emerging as the world’s next cosmetic rage. ‘I think it will be another aloe vera,’ says Mark Potter chemist at Donna Karan Beauty Company, the first American group to use the ingredient in commercial beauty products. ‘It’s really the ideal oil.’
  Non-comedogenic and an anti-irritant, emu oil is touted as a powerful moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin. ‘We believe emu oil’s fatty acids actually mirror what’s found in the skin’s top layer, so it readily accepts the oil’ says John Caputo, chairman and CEO of New World Technology, which produces emu oil under the name Kalaya Oil. Studies done at Boston University have shown that emu oil may actually stimulate skin-cell regeneration and help reduce wrinkles and sagging. The emu craze is spreading beyond cosmetics as die-hard fans claim the oil takes care of everything from eczema to burns to join pain – telltale signs of a household name in the making."



Athletes and Emu Oil

A new way to relieve pain, strains, stiffness

DALLAS, TEXAS --- Jeff Berthelsen, a 26-year-old triathlete, has had chronic knee problems since high school. After intensive training sessions, using emu oil on his knees helps alleviate pain and stiffness. Ronald Thomas, a senior triathlete, also uses emu oil to maintain flexibility and for back pain after competition.

Members of the American Emu Association have had similar reports from other athletes across the nation and from collegiate and professional sports teams, as well. “We’re finding more athletes using emu-based creams and emu oil as part of their training regimen and for rehabilitation,” said Neil Williams, president of the AEA. “And because emu oil is relatively new in the marketplace, most people are surprised about how effective it is.”  Continued...

Caring Hands, Caring Heart

By Geneva Jen

Although I work for the California Department of Employment, I am also a massage therapist on the side. Because of this, I get lots of information regarding new massage oils or lotions and have gotten to the point that I don’t really pay much attention to the hype. One day a co-worker who raises emus offered me a sample of emu oil to try on my painful wrists. I applied the oil and was amazed at the instant relief. I asked for more samples to try and the oil even eased my back pain  (I was injured the year before). I asked my co-worker to how to get the oil, but at that time the co-op she belonged to was just starting out and unable to fill my order. I just sort of put it aside and asked about it every once in a while.  Continued...


                                   Marathon win triggers race to buy emu oil

                           'Magical potion' used by Radcliffe in demand, writes GRAEME SMITH -June 23rd 2003 The Herald

Paula Radcliffe's London marathon victory has prompted a rush to buy emu oil, the "magical" potion which made it possible.

There has been a surge in demand for emu oil, and all of its derivatives, which are claimed to benefit athletes, arthritis sufferers, those wanting to stall the effects of ageing, and even cats and dogs seeking shiny coats.

For generations the Australian Aborigines have known of the properties of emu oil but now "Australia's best-kept secret" is the talk of Britain's sporting communities.

With just a month to go before Radcliffe defended her London title earlier this year, she suffered a dislocated jaw, a hip injury, and multiple abrasions when she was upended by a cyclist during a training run in America.

On the day of the race, with the scars still visible, she produced one of the most astonishing endurance runs in history and smashed the world record.

The three-toed emu is also a remarkable runner and can reach speeds of up to 31mph.

"If you'd seen photos taken the day after (the accident) you wouldn't believe this is the same woman," said her physiotherapist, Gerard Hartmann, after her victory. "The cream we used is taken from the belly of an emu. It's been used by Aborigines for centuries as a healing aid. We were lucky Sonia O'Sullivan had some. She had just come in from Melbourne."

O'Sullivan gave Radcliffe some Emu Spirit, a sport and fitness rub which is now being marketed in Britain under the name Golden Emu oil, by the Pioneer Trading Company.

Daniel Reeds, a spokesman for the company, said that unlike the emu, sales of emu oil had soared since Radcliffe's story became known.

"Demand has been amazing," he said. "Emu oil is not a new phenomenon in the athletics world. The Australian squads have used emu oil since the Seoul Olympic Games and before, and it was used extensively at the Sydney 2000 Olympics."

It was Cathy Freeman, the Aboriginal sprinter who won the Olympic 400-metre title in Sydney, who reportedly alerted Gerard Hartmann to the powers of emu oil.

"The Aborigines discovered its properties when they noticed how quickly emus healed when they suffered an injury or a cut," said Mr Reeds.

"Research has now shown that the fatty acid make-up promotes faster healing It is registered as an anti-inflammatory in Australia and because it comes from an animal it gets absorbed into the skin very easily and penetrates really deep into injuries."

As well as the muscle, joint and skin rub which is proving increasingly popular with sportsmen and woman there is an emu oil "scalp activator, "an "exotic massage oil," a product for nail and cuticle care and "Pet wellbeing" - a supplement which is said to give dogs and cats good coats in the same way as the human version gives good skin and hair. "Because Paula Radcliffe is such a big name, the sport and fitness rub has attracted attention from athletes rugby players, cyclists - people from all sports," said Mr Reeds.

"It can be used to ease muscle pain after training or if someone has suffered an injury. Also when people are getting a sports therapy massage they can use the oil which will provide an added benefit."

Skin creams which contain emu oil are on the market in America with stars such as Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn supposedly swearing by its anti-ageing properties.

Claims are also being made for its ability to help carpal tunnel syndrome, eczema, psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome.

"It can also be used as a dietary supplement," said Mr Reeds. He said the increasing demand for emu oil had not had an adverse effect on the emu population "It is a secondary product from meat production," he said.

"Emu meat is another thing athletes in Australia are picking up on because it is a very high protein meat."

Burn Victim Hot
 About Medical Treatment 

                                                                                        by Myra Charleston

Looking back on the last few months, Merv Randle expresses some outrage over the medical community’s lack of expertise in treating burn victims in general and himself in particular. Merv is Chairman of the Nelson Giant’s Basketball Team and host of “Merv & the Mad Chef”, a popular two hour television talk show in New Zealand.  Callers ring in live on the air to discuss or argue about any topic. 

Home from a trip with wife Heather, Merv was unpacking their RV in the garage the evening of January 4, 1999.  Heather had already gone in the house when Merv grabbed the carryall bag that had ridden most of the way home on top of some chilly-bins (coolers in the USA).  The bag had dropped behind the chilly-bins and the strap had fallen over the lever of a LPG cylinder.  Continued...


Skin Rejuvenation
& Pain Management


 Survival Gear     for Skin®

Burns, blisters, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, & abrasions have been reported to benefit from Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin® emu oil applied as needed to affected areas.

Runner's Story

I have been a runner for 15+ years running 4 to 5 miles every other day in all types of weather. The winter months are the harshest. My skin is exposed to the cold dry wind causing severe chafing and dry patches on my cheeks and ears. I was introduced to Outback Medic and started using the product on my face before running. My face no longer has that red wind burned look and the dry patches are no longer there. My skin has a healthy soft texture.

- Elizabeth Wenderot


Skin Care

Thank you for introducing me to the Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin® emu oil product. I must admit that I was very skeptical at first, however, after the first application I was truly amazed. I play golf approximately 40 times a year and being out in the weather at my age of 61 years, has made my skin dry and scaly and my arms have become sensitive to the sun and subject to skin cancer. Although I cannot say 100% that Emu Oil will protect your skin from cancer, I will say that daily applications of small amounts to my face, neck, and arms has made my skin more supple, more youthful looking and much richer in tone.

Jac Stanton
The "Golf Man"
Fenwick Island, DE

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