A New, Natural Treatment for Eczema

by Myra Charleston

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After nearly 30 years in the business, Ramón suddenly found himself with what is commonly known as "housewife's hand eczema," a condition that is both uncomfortable and unattractive.

"We had been having some trouble getting plastic gloves, and of course you need those when washing hair or preparing dyes, so I changed suppliers. The new gloves had something in them, a powder, that I was allergic to and it damaged the skin." Ramon's hands became dry and rough, the area over the knuckles became reddened and patchy. Between the fingers the skin began to crack, reminding Ramon of athletes foot.

His dermatologist prescribed medication, a steroid cream that Ramon turned out to be allergic to. "I couldn't believe it, the steroid rash was worse - my hands had these little pus filled pockets, really gross." To make matters worse, the dermatologist went on vacation and wouldn't be back for three days.

Help arrived in the guise of one of his customers, a charming little gray-haired lady that presented him with a bottle of emu oil and a salty lecture about doctors not knowing everything. She insisted on watching Ramon apply the oil the first time.

"Ok, I admit it, I didn't think it would do anything at all. I only tried it because she's an old customer, been with me for years and I love her to death." Ramón smiled and said, "Actually, the oil soothed the skin immediately, it felt better." He used the oil several times that day, mainly because it made the rash feel better and was so quickly absorbed into the skin. He was amazed at the overnight results.

"The pus pockets were gone! Ok, there were one or two little hard spots that morning, but by evening, nada." He went on to state that the cracks in the skin were just rough red lines that were completely healed within a couple of days.

Ramón states that he talked to his dermatologist over the phone, but saw no need to return to the office. "Let's see, should I spend an unproductive morning waiting in his office, pay $220 for 5 minutes of his time or should I spend $15 on a bottle of emu oil and get on with my life?"

Note: This information is provided for strictly educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. For diagnosis and treatment, consult your physician.

Reprinted with Permission from EmusZine.com