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Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin® was founded by the dental team of Dr. Michael Hall and his dental hygienist wife Alexandra for their own extreme skin care needs. The Halls needed more than what conventional moisturizers could deliver, they searched for effective products that would nutritionally address what over-washing, outdoor exposure and aging had robbed without petroleum and chemical additives common to big box store products. 

The 2002 new year brought with it Clear Relief ®, Outback Medic's®  first formulated product addressing aches and pains that have an inflammatory basis. 

In the practice of dentistry we often suffer from neck, shoulder, finger and wrist pain while working on the ranch can bring on back, elbow and knee pains, between our two jobs, most of our joints are overused.  For us, Clear Relief ® offers a topical pain management alternative to NSAIDs and the many side effects that go with this class of drugs.  Clear Relief ® has what we need in a muscle and joint cream, emu oil, glucosamine and MSM minus what we don't need or want (parabens, petroleum,dyes,scents, aspirin and burning pepper.) Check out what our patrons have to say about Outback Medic ® products http://www.outbackmedic.com/TESTIMONIALS/.

Outback Medic produces effective, high quality, skin and pain management products that help people look, feel and live better. As healthcare providers and avid outdoor enthusiasts, the Halls are their own best test subjects. From the aching backs and sore, dry cracked hands of dental practitioners to the sunburned, insect bitten and sore bodies of outdoors lovers, they practice what they preach by using Outback Medic® products on a daily basis.

For more about the Halls and the Southern Cross Ranch, see this article in RDH magazine: A day at the 'Farmacy'.



Skin Rejuvenation
& Pain Management



Survival Gear for Skin®

Effective in amazingly small quantities, emu oil contains essential lipids to nourish newly forming cells deep within the skin for young, glowing, smooth, irresistibly touchable skin!


Remarkably, research reveals emu oil to have a similar in e.f.a. profile to human skin oil,making this all natural solution the ideal solution for deficient, dry, weathered and wrinkled skin.


"That Doc's G.E.M./Clear Relief ® Cream is A MIRACLE!

Dr. Samaras told me about it and he is right, IT WORKS!"

G. Felton, VA


Clear Relief ®   VS
Arthritic Knee

I would recommend Clear Relief™ to everyone with arthritis pain, it's a great  alternative to the pain pills and their side effects. It's the best $25.00 I have ever spent. 

Susan  Fenwick, DE

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