Caring Hands, Caring Heart

By Geneva Jen

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While on a business trip with my husband, I picked up one of the little free town papers with mostly local advertising and news. While looking through it, I saw a personal article by a woman writing about her husbandís experiences with emu oil. He was almost crippled by arthritis until he started using emu oil. The article said he was walking more and in less pain. I told my husband that this was the oil that I had been trying so hard to purchase.

I found an 800 number for a lady in Florida that had just started an emu products business. She had a pain relief product with emu oil in it called Pro 40. Since it was expensive, I ordered only one bottle. What a mistake! I took it to work, tried a couple of drops on customers and within 45 minutes had sold 20 bottles! Everyone just raved about it.

I found that when I couldnít get into a tight muscle, a couple of drops on the area while massaging would relax the muscle within 5 to 10 seconds and the pain would go away. A lot of people would say it was just the magic of my fingers. I am goodÖbut not that good!

My favorite thing to use it for is what I call "my traveling legs". You know when you go to bed at night, your legs start hurting, and you have spasms galore? You lay there and all of the sudden your legs are walking miles in bed. I just hate it when that happens! Nothing really works as well as the emu oil.

I also like to recommend emu oil to diabetics who have problems with their legs. It eases their pain and helps them to sleep. Personally, Iíve used the oil for toothaches, sunburns, cuts on my electrician husbandís hands, bites, scratches, athletes foot, the list just keeps going on.

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