Emu Oil - Canine's
Best Friend?

     Dr. Greg Drummond, owner of Village Royale Animal Clinic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida has been using emu oil in his practice for the past five years.
     Drummond mainly applies pure emu oil on canine skin lacerations and open wounds and relates that he feels the animals heal faster when the oil is used. "The emu oil has helped out a good deal, and we have not seen any side effects associated with it."
     The experienced veterinarian also feels emu oil helps reduce scarring.  "I have seen incision areas smoothed over fairly nicely."
     So what is it that impresses the animal doctor the most about emu oil?
     Says Drummond, "Faster healing of animals. And we don't use much oil.  A thin application is all that is necessary."
     Clients are sent home with some emu oil so that it can continued to be applied to the animal's wound a couple times a day, as recommended by Drummond, and the response has been good.
     "One client recently came in who has used it on her Scottie that has a severe skin condition affecting the nasal area of the face.  She believes she sees an improvement with the condition using the emu oil," says Drummond.
     Because "he's seen not ill effects" from it and feels that emu oil has been "quite a benefit in a few cases that he's worked with," Drummond plans to continue to use emu oil in his practice.
     Village Royale Animal Clinic can be reached at 561-793-1552.

Reprinted with permission Emu Today & Tomorrow


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