Need insect remedies? -- try going to the birds!

Drat! Another pesky mosquito zeroing in on your arm. Chiggers nipping at your ankles?  Fire ants wreaking havoc in your sandals? Ouch! 

Doesn't sound like much fun, does it?  But buggy intruders have become the rule for outdoor events like hiking adventures, fishing outings and camping trips.

Itching, twitching and scratching, you flee to the medicine cabinet for a remedy, only to find it overflowing with products, most of which are barely used because they don't work.  But look no further.  After years of use and study, emu oil is proving to be the answer to the biting and stinging insects of the summer.

"Emu oil is an effective remedy to most insect bites and stings because it is non-greasy, odorless and absorbs quickly," said Neil Williams, president of the American Emu Association.

Originally from Australia, the Emu is a member of the ratite family.  The native Aborigines have known of the healing properties of emu oil for centuries.  Now, emu oil has become popular for it's anti-sting and bacteriostatic properties.

"It's also perfect for hunters who need something to apply to bites or stings without repelling game with strong odors," Williams added. 

To treat insect bites, apply emu oil to the affected area for relief.  For painful bites, such as scorpion and jellyfish stings, a little emu oil will ease the pain.

To help prevent infections that may result from insect bites, Dr. Alexander
Zemtsov of the Indiana University Medical School, said, "Emu oil is bacteriostatic and does not promote bacterial growth, that makes for an important quality."

Emu oil is also excellent for sunburn relief, moisturizing the skin to avoid peeling as it magically relieves the burning pain and the redness that lingers after a day in the sun.  And it also moisturizes parched skin after any outdoor adventure.

So, for the next backyard barbecue, a day at the lake or that next camping trip, make emu oil a part of your first aid kit.  It's healing, soothing properties will make any outing more comfortable.

For information about emu oil, contact the American Emu Association at 800-304-8768 or visit their web site at

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