Use Emu Oil - It Works!

Doc Montgomery of Magnolia, Arkansas is a firm believer of emu oil's beneficial properties. He recently wrote to Emu Today & Tomorrow about some of his successful utilizations of the oil.

"My dermatologist and doctor recommended Sporanox to stop a toenail fungus I had occuring on one of my feet - they told me that it was expensive and would take a year or possibly more to heal! With their words in mind, I reluctantly bit the bullet and started the treatment. The medicine stopped the fungus, but the time of recovery is determined by the rate of growth of the new nail. I started using emu oil, which sped the growth of nails. The toenail termination was complete in four months, using only $308 worth of Sporanox instead of the $900 to $1,200 predicted."

Montgomery also related that emu oil has lowered his cholesterol 41 points. "By continuing to ingest two tablespoons of emu oil, as a food supplement, my cholestrol continues to be under 200, and the HDL is usually between 33 and 36," he says. Montgomery says he also uses emu oil for "cuts, abrasions, and bruises."

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