Dry Skin Got You
Cracking Up?

By Alexandra Hall RDH

For chronic dry skin a few precautions and an ancient Australian oil are just what the doctor ordered for getting rid of chronic dry skin and keeping it from coming back. Avoid washing with hot water and products containing sodium laural sulfate,a potent detergent and known skin irritant. Instead of using lotions formulated with drying alcohols and irritating chemical ingredients, try a light application of pure emu oil. Dermatologist and physicians are now recommending pure emu oil, the legendary Aboriginal Australian healing oil, for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and burns. Emu oil is a highly penetrating oil that provides skin with essential fatty acids necessary for skin health and beauty. It absorbs within in a few minutes and gives long lasting moisturizing effects by actually nourishing future generations of skin cells. Hypoallergenic and non pore clogging, emu oil can be used to nourish any external skin area from fine lines on the face to cracked heels of the feet. Of special significance to healthcare providers-pure emu oil has no petroleum ingredients (petroleum hand products are contraindicated by OSHA for healthcare providers using latex gloves). Emu oil products can be purchased from natural pharmacies, physicians offices, health stores and on the internet. For more information visit outbackmedic.com.

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