Is Emu Oil The Fountain Of Youth
For Aging Baby Boomers?

Ocean City, MD - Wrinkles, hair loss, aches and pains are all part of growing old, and no one likes it. But there IS a way to fight back, and the secret may lie in the remarkable feathered friend from "down under" - the emu (pronounced e-mew).

At first glance the emu resembles its cousin the ostrich. But the difference is skin deep. The Australian native is a booming business here in the U.S. as a scientific marvel, not just for its low-fat meat or fanciful feathers, but for its oil.

You see, when it comes to aging baby boomers, emu oil is the golden egg. Emu oil has been shown to contain a mixture of essential fatty acids which are nearly identical to the essential fatty acid profile of human skin. When applied topically to skin, emu oil allows a natural replenishment of what age and the environment have depleted.

All this, without pore clogging and chemical additives common to most skin care products on the market today. Emu oil is hypo-allergenic and gentle enough for calming baby rashes.

Beauty aid and first aid, emu oil had its place in every beach bag, golf bag and tackle box as a soothing relief for sunburned, chaffed and blistered skin.

Emu oil can be found locally in doctors offices, health food stores, and selected fishing and tackle outfitters.