New Natural Tissue Nutrient Discovered
That Slows Skin Aging

MARCH 31, 1999 (pg. 25)

Berlin-Skin care specialists have discovered a new, all natural tissue nutrient that appears to closely mirror the neutral lipid portion of the skin's stratum corneum.

Studies have shown the fatty acid composition of emu oil, a food by-product, contains a unique ration of C-16 saturated and C-18 unsaturated components. These components allow for rapid diffusion into and moisturizing of dry/aging skin.

In understanding the major changes that occur in the lower layer of skin, it is known that approximately 20 percent of the dermal thickness is lost in elderly individuals. This may account for the "paper- thin" skin that appears as one ages. There is a decrease in the amount of elastin fibers which provide elasticity to the skin, causing it to become less resilient. Intact skin is the body's primary defense against infection. This type of skin is more susceptible to tears which can provide a porthole for bacteria and viral invasion into the body.

Emu oil, as a topical moisturizer and tissue nutrient, helps aging skin acquire the ability to reverse dermal drying and scaling by increasing the body's natural ability to retain water in the skin's upper layers. By penetrating into the epidermis and stimulating dermal growth, emu oil rejuvenates rete pegs of the skin and enhances dermal thickness.

Dr. Peter Pugliese, 1997 recipient of the Maison & De Navare Medal, stated in, Emu Today and Tomorrow magazine, I did a relatively small study on emu oil and found several things. One is that emu oil is definately a penetrant. Emu oil has a proliferative effect, it causes cells to divide."

Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University Medical Center acknowledged the cell regenerating effect of emu oil has value for patients with a variety of skin ailments from psoriasis to stretch marks and wrinkles.

In recent years the trend in skin care and anti-aging programs has been to combine chemicals such as glycolic acid/alpha hydroxide to facial cleansers. The acid causes the top layer of skin to become chemically burned off exposing more tender, smooth skin underneath, giving the illusion of smoother looking skin.

With the newly discovered properties of emu oil, the practice of chemically peeling or burning the skin to achieve youthful looking, smooth skin may soon be antiquated. Since emu oil had been shown to contain a mixture of fats which are nearly identical to the fat profile of the human body, there exists an alternative to caustic chemicals in treating damaged skin.

Emu oil applied topically to skin allows natural replenishment of what age and the environment have depleted.

Emu oil products can be purchased at doctor's offices, drug stores, health stores and day spas.