Sports Professionals
Have Said...

The remarkable attributes of Emu Oil are now being welcomed in sports medicine. It can now be found in training rooms of an escalating number of professional sports teams and fitness centers across America. An estimated 80% of the NBA teams have used Emu Oil for aid in reducing pain and swelling from injuries, as well as helping to decrease time lost due to injury.

Steve Mummaw, NATA Certified Athletic Trainers of Hempfield High School in Landisville, PA....Steve works with 1800 student athletes. He started using (pure) emu oil with cross country runners, and he experienced a very high success rate with relief from the tendonitis, as well as, shin splints.

Otho Davis, Head Trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles and five time, "Professional Trainer of the Year"...He started using Emu Oil in the training room and because of its success, called it "magic oil". The Emu Oil product is something he thinks has a lot of merit.

Reprint from Emu Today & Tomorrow, July 1995 pg. 38

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