Some Cancer Patients Are Spelling Relief E. M. U.

A recent Kansas KOTE 10 news telecast featured an interesting segment regarding the use of emu oil on patients at a Kansas cancer center. "What would you think about oil that cures everything from arthritis pain to sunburn? Well, there may be such a thing as this kind of oil and it comes from an unlikely source," noted KOTE'S anchorwoman. "Many people are now spelling relief EMU. Albert Lidel, a patient who was interviewed at the cancer center at the time of the news bulletin, is "fighting for his life, undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer and the treatments (he's currently undergoing) caused his skin the burn and his veins to harden." As the camera closed in on Lidel rubbing his vein just below his elbow on his forearm, Lidel showed where his veins had shrunk (after using the emu oil products) from "four times the size" they had been.

Lidel related that he uses emu oil on his arm "approximately three times a day", by rubbing the product into his veins, which he reported have "softened up". Medical authorities here believe it works because they have seen it work," continued the report. "I would say dramatic results were seen on some patients within the first week," exclaimed a nurse, who was interviewed at the center. Also mentioned was the fact that "the KU basketball team and the Wichita rugby team are using emu oil for muscle soreness and aches." After relating that he has "tried everything", Wichita Rugby team captain Jerry Armstrong related that he thinks the emu oil products "do the job a lot better and a lot quicker as far as the relief," and that they're "longer lasting". No one knows for sure yet why it works or how, but those getting relief really don't care," concluded the anchor woman.

Reprinted with permission Emu Today & Tomorrow