Article by AEA 4/10/2002

Dallas, TX - What do NBA players, Olympic athletes, and Aboriginal tribesmen have in common? Two things. They are all extremely active and all seek comfort to soothe their aching bodies after a hard work out or a 20 mile jaunt in the outback. They also use Emu Oil to achieve that result! Emu Oil is derived from a large flightless bird that is native to Australia.

The good news is you don't have to be a sports personality or native Australian to reap the benefits from this unusual oil. Carpenters, postal workers and gardeners are finding out emu oil not only moisturizes the rough, dry or callused hands, it also works to comfort the rest of their bodies.

Researchers are hard pressed to explain the benefits from the emu oil. They know emu oil works for many different uses and are still diligently investigating the results and effects of this unique oil. Dr. Peter Ghosh, Director of Research in Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital has confirmed that laboratory experiments consistently point to emu oil's ability to treat inflammation and pain. Another Australian, Dr. G. R. Hobday, conducted a ten year clinical study that reported reduced pain, swelling and stiffness for patients using emu oil, especially on hands, feet, knees and elbows. Thom B. Leahey, D.O., while researching at the Arthritis Clinic in Ardmore, OK. in Adult Rheumatology, stated, "The advent of this oil has simply changed my practice. I've begun recommending the use of emu oil as part of a regular treatment program for patients. I've observed some very surprising results."

Because emu oil spreads, you only need a drop or two to be effective. This makes the use of emu oil very cost effective compared to other compounds. Emu oil has no known side effects like those listed with other formulas. When combined topically with other products, emu oil only enhances to ensure positive results.

Alexandra Hall, RDH and Michael Hall, DDS of Berlin, MD are emu product producers and distributors. Alexandra says, "With patients to treat, I don't have time for pain and stiffness from carpal tunnel and arthritis slowing me down. As for emu oil, I don't think I could practice dental hygiene without it!"

"Emu oil is a known tissue penetrant with anti-inflammatory properties," says Dr. Hall. "When combined with baking soda, refined emu oil that has been processed using food grade criteria, makes a soothing dental poultice for mouth irritations and swollen gums."

Whether you are a secretary, soldier or arthritis sufferer, try emu oil. It works naturally and you benefit, regardless of your walk of life. Emu oil has already proven itself through the ages to people who work and play hard. So spread the relief, then spread the word...emu oil really works.

Reprinted with permission of American Emu Association